We are a gathering of people on the coastline that desire Jesus Christ be our highest joy, and the unrivaled object of worship for the world.

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Nov 19 ’11

RT @paigelives: I KNOW THAT YOU ARE FOR ME!!! You are not holding anything back from me. Take everything! thank you God, thank you @Real …

Nov 16 ’11

Prayer was off the hizzle tonight. Lasted 1.5 hours long! #adornPrayer

Nov 15 ’11

Come pray for others and be prayed for. 6pm tonight at Reality Carp campus.

Nov 13 ’11

RT @sarahann218: Jesus: “I AM” #trueswag #realityadorn

Nov 12 ’11

Happy birthday @AshleighBiller! We love you! From, the fam.

Nov 8 ’11

Nov 8 ’11

I just uploaded “In Class at the School of Christ |Pt.3| “Experiencing God” [John8:31-51]” on Vimeo:

Nov 6 ’11

Enjoy God through his Word today!

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Nov 5 ’11

Someone got saved tonight. Someone throw a party!

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Oct 29 ’11

RT @sarahann218: Nothing better than a night worshiping Jesus , after a long week He is more then sufficient for me! #realityadorn